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Over 40 years solid engineering and construction experience. Supported by design engineers, project managers, skilled site construction and installation engineers, documentation and quality assurance.

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From 1st January 2014 Village Engineering Ltd and Green Square Ltd will merge and become one new engineering entity and will trade as Green Square Ltd. We will be writing to our customers and suppliers individually to advise them of the changes. A new website is currently under construction and will be available shortly.

Over 40 years of engineering experience at your disposal

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Energy From Biomass
Copper and Metal Recycling
Forklift Bins and Waste Containers
Glass Recycling
Glass Blasting
Plastic Recycling Equipment
Food Container Recycling

Energy from Biomass

We provide fuel supply and feed systems which are suitable for alterative energy fuels such as wood chip, miscanthus etc.

Each system is designed to suit a client's requirements [..]

Copper and Metal Recycling

We supply and install complete systems for scrap cable separation. Cables are ground to very fine homogeneous sizes and metals are automatically separated from inert materials.

As a result you will be able to recover pure copper, aluminium or steel granules from plastics and rubber [..]

Forklift Bins & Waste Containers

Our Forklift tipping containers fit most forklifts and can be tipped from the driver’s seat when raised.

A wide range of colours are available and we are happy to cater for orders for special sizes [..]

Glass Recycling

We have over 40 years glass industry experience, from construction of infeed material systems, to furnaces, conveying systems and palletisers.

We have with glass recycling since its inception and we can offer innovative solutions, for crushing, screening, sorting, metal and plastic seperation [..]

Glass Blasting

We supply complete processing systems including crushers, screens, magnetic and eddy current separators, dust control, bagging and palletising.

Recycled glass abrasive media contains no free silicia and is therefore safe to use. It also contains no heavy metals and therefore friendly to the environment. [..]

Plastic Recycling Equipment

Our experts will guide you through the technology capabilities for your application, show you how you can apply this equipment and what results you can achieve to increase your productivity and profitability.

Using Cogelme eddy current separators, non-ferrous metal can be recovered sorting any kind of material, whatever you need to extract [..]

Food Container Recycling

When food products have gone past their sell-by date or need to be re-called for whatever reason, de-packaging can be a challenge.

We offer a simple process which can be specifically engineered to meet each clients requirements [..]

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